The list of 2018 Biennial artists is here!

The list of 2018 Biennial artists is here!

The PMA is thrilled to announce the participating artists in the 2018 Portland Museum of Art Biennial! The artists represent a wide variety of media, from photography to canoemaking to video. All but one of the 25 artists will be exhibiting at the PMA for the first time ever, expanding the breadth of stories the museum is able to tell in its galleries.

To determine the final list, independent curator Nat May assembled a team of arts professionals including PMA Judy and Leonard Lauder Director Mark Bessire, artist and Maine Indian Basketmakers Alliance co-founder Theresa Secord, and Skowhegan School of Painting & Sculpture Co-Director Sarah Workneh.

They each visited studios throughout Maine and the nation, meeting with artists that they felt were ready for their moment at the PMA, and who complement each other while also reflecting Maine’s increasingly diverse community. In a change from past Biennials, many of the artists will be exhibiting not just one singular work, but several.

"Rather than put together a 'greatest hits' exhibition," said May, "we wanted to use the opportunity of the Biennial to focus on artists who hadn’t previously participated in PMA Biennials or other programming at this institution. To show work in a museum can be an important step for an artist, and to present work to a museum audience can invite a unique opportunity for dialogue and exchange in our varied cultural community."

"The 2018 PMA Biennial will build on the momentum of Nan Goldin," said Bessire, "an exhibition in which we expanded the range of voices in the PMA and invited new audiences into the museum. This Biennial will display the incredible array of perspectives and breadth of talent right here in Maine—whether they're former MECA students who have moved away or our neighbors right up the street."

"I’m very happy with the exhibition’s range," May added. "We’ve assembled a great group of people, of identities, and of histories to be represented. The value of the show is in the dialogues it will create, among the artworks selected and among the artists and viewers. I have learned something from each of the participating artists and I look forward to sharing their work with you."

The 2018 Portland Museum of Art Biennial opens on January 26, 2018.

The artists in the 2018 PMA Biennial:

Gina Adams
Becca Albee
Nancy Andrews
Elise Ansel
Elizabeth Atterbury
Stephen Benenson
Sascha Braunig
Anne Buckwalter
Steve Cayard and David Moses Bridges
Tim Christensen
Jenny McGee Dougherty
Angela Dufresne
David Driskell
John Harlow
Séan Alonzo Harris
Erin Johnson
Shaun Leonardo
Jonathan Mess
Daniel Minter
Rosamond Purcell
Joshua Reiman and Eric Weeks
Fred Tomah
DM Witman


This is the 10th Biennial exhibition at the PMA and the second Biennial that will be organized by an independent curator who will spend nearly a year visiting artist studios. Funded through the generous bequest of William E. Thon, the PMA Biennial is intended to highlight artists with meaningful connections to Maine and enrich the cultural lives of the people of the state. Inspired by his own experience and love of biennials, Thon entrusted the PMA with the means to offer rich contemporary art experiences to its audiences. You Can’t Get There From Here: The 2015 Portland Museum of Art Biennial was curated by Alison Ferris of Edgecomb, Maine.

The 2018 Portland Museum of Art Biennial is made possible by the William E. and Helen E. Thon Endowment Fund with additional support by the PMA Contemporaries.

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October 19, 2017
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