The David E. Shaw and Family Sculpture Park

The David E. Shaw and Family Sculpture Park in the Joan B. Burns Garden makes outdoor art—a crucial and unique part of the PMA collection—available to everyone, improving quality of life in Portland and providing a green space where anyone can have quiet moments with incredible works of art at any time during museum hours. The grand opening event on July 7, 2017 also served as the unveiling of the latest addition to Portland’s outdoor arts landscape and a new major work in the PMA collection: Jonathan Borofsky’s Human Structures (24 Figures Connected).

The Joan B. Burns Garden has incorporated sculpture since Celeste Roberge's Rising Cairn was installed there in 2000. Since then, the PMA acquired Anthony Caro’s Moment in 2012 and John Bisbee’s Hearsay in 2016. Aside from specific events, however, the public has never been allowed access to the Garden; visitors to the PMA could only admire the works from viewing points throughout the inside of the museum or the sidewalk on High Street.

Thanks to David Shaw’s gift in 2017, the park is now open to anyone, whether they are visitors to the museum or simply out for a stroll in Portland.


The David E. Shaw and Family Sculpture Park is open museum hours from May through December.


The David E. Shaw and Family Sculpture Park is located on High Street in Portland, around the corner from the front entrance to the PMA's Charles Shipman Payson Building. When facing the front of the Payson Building, walk to your right and follow the building around the corner and approximately a half-block down High Street.


There is never a charge to visit the David E. Shaw and Family Sculpture Park. The park is wheelchair and stroller accessible.

Food is allowed; please remove or discard of your trash and ensure the park remains clean.

Service animals only. Smoking is prohibited.