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At the PMA, our mission is to engage our audiences in a dialogue about the relevance of art and culture to our everyday lives. Strong cultural institutions such as the PMA positively influence job and economic growth and quality of life—key factors in creating a vibrant regional economy. Perhaps most importantly, partnership with the PMA demonstrates your company’s commitment to Maine’s creative economy and the arts at a time when institutional support is more crucial than ever.

Partnering with the PMA provides a strong return on investment with benefits that include:

  • Enhancing your brand by aligning with Maine’s premier cultural institution and reaching a broad group of art- and civic-minded members of the public;
  • Showcasing your organization’s economic and social impact; 
  • Connecting with professionals at exhibition openings and special events;
  • Entertaining clients in one of the state’s most elegant venues;
  • Engaging your employees and their families through special events;
  • Contributing to a vibrant creative economy.

We are committed to partnering with businesses such as yours to increase cultural tourism, recruit the best and brightest employees to the region, and enrich the lives of all Mainers. Our Business Members enjoy visiting the galleries with colleagues and clients, utilizing the PMA Café as a meeting place, scheduling interactive tours for employees, hosting unforgettable parties in our beautiful spaces and much, much more.

To learn more, download the PMA Business Members brochure

Business Members Levels:

  • Neighbor  $200*
  • Partner   $500
  • Supporter   $1,500
  • Patron   $2,500
  • Benefactor   $5,000
  • Collaborator   $10,000+

*Intended for businesses with ten or fewer employees. 


Current PMA Business Members

Visit the PMA Recommends page for a full list of current Business Members.


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Become a Business Member

Want to know more about becoming a Business Member? Contact Ashleigh Hill, Director of Donor Relations and Special Events
by phone at (207) 494-5346, or at 

Ready to Join Business Members?


“Casco Bay Frames & Gallery serves people in the Greater Portland region who are passionate about art. We chose to become a Business Partner since many of our customers are also PMA customers. We are proud to support the good work of PMA in contributing to the strong and vital arts community here in Southern Maine.”


“Rising Tide has been a Business Partner of the PMA for many years because we see a connection of creativity between fine arts and craft beer—that creativity enhances the culture and
community of Portland and draws in visitors from around the world.”