#ThirdThursPMA presents "The Creative Spark"

#ThirdThursPMA presents "The Creative Spark"

Music by Portland DJs, guest presenters the Libra Foundation, "Spark! Arts in Action," and more!

July's #ThirdThursPMA toasts summer in Maine and the initial creative spark that can lead to dazzling fireworks. Our partners for the evening, the Libra Foundation, brings hundreds of interns to the state every year with its Summer in Maine program to show some of America's brightest young minds the beauty and inspiration that Maine presents. From the major exhibition Directors' Cut: Selections from the Maine Art Museum Trail to the music of DJ Derek Jackson out in the Joan B. Burns Garden to events and activities aimed at sparking your imagination, this evening offers a relaxed social atmosphere and an entire state's worth of inspiration.

5-7:30 p.m.
part of the "Spark! Arts in Action" series

How does Maine inspire you? Directors' Cut: Selections from the Maine Art Museum Trail is an exhibition intended, in part, to highlight the benefits arts tourism in Maine. This event takes the artistic inspiration you draw from Directors' Cut and apply it to that hallmark of the tourism industry: the postcard.

In "From Muse to Mailbox," you will design and create your own unique postcard (materials will be provided), and we will mail it to another event participant. In the days to come, look for something special in your mailbox at home.

5-8 p.m.

From the creators of ELEVATE, Portland's first alcohol-free daytime dance party, comes "Not Everyone Understands House Music," featuring some of Portland’s best DJs: Ed Garrison, Jeremy Chaim, and Undrig.

5:30 p.m. and 6:30 p.m.
part of the "Spark! Arts in Action" series

Robert Stahl, Associate Director of the Monhegan Museum of Art & History, invites visitors to view Gulls Descending, the iconic painting by Monhegan artist James E. Fitzgerald (1899-1971). In a brief talk, Stahl will describe Fitzgerald’s 1920’s seafaring days, his membership in Steinbeck’s Cannery Row circle of friends, and his enduring legacy on Monhegan Island. 

6 p.m. and 7 p.m.
part of the "Spark! Arts in Action" series

Gain a clear understanding of the creative process, and articulate your thoughts and observations about art through this innovative writing experience led by Anthony Shostack, Curator of Education at Bates College Museum of Art. 

Watch Shostack's introduction to the Thousand Word Project just above, and check out more of his videos here.

8 p.m.

When he's done spinning in the Joan B. Burns Garden, Derek Jackson will perform with his art-punk band Hi Tiger across the street in Congress Square Park, with live DJ accompaniment by Jamie O'Sullivan, creator and resident DJ of LOVE. Two guest DJs will round out the evening of dancing and live performance.


There's all this programming, plus a whole museum to explore. Confirm Maine's status as an artistic powerhouse with a viewing of Directors' Cut: Selections from the Maine Art Museum Trailour major summer exhibition, which features art from Maine's most-renowned art institutions under one roof for the first time—and Rose Marasco: index, the first-ever retrospective of one of the state's most beloved photographers.

#ThirdThursPMA is a monthly party at the PMA with live music, special programming, and community collaborations. It happens on the third Thursday of every month, is open to the public, and included in your museum admission—it's always free for members. Stay up late with us as we keep our galleries open until 9pm, giving #ThirdThursPMA party-goers an after hours viewing experience of our extensive permanent collection and special exhibitions. Start your weekend early with #ThirdThursPMA.




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