David Bromberg Unsung Treasure

David Bromberg Unsung Treasure

Presented by the Maine Jewish Film Festival

David Bromberg Unsung Treasure takes an in-depth look at this groundbreaking, genre-bending guitarist, chronicling his rise to fame, his collaborations with Bob Dylan, George Harrison, Jerry Garcia and Neil Young, and his influence on a generation of musicians. This rich and largely untold story unfolds through intimate interviews with Bromberg, archival photographs and footage, music recordings (including never-before-released cuts), and recollections from his contemporaries and family.

Directed by Beth Toni Truvant 75 minutes

The film’s director, Beth Toni Truvant and David Bromberg will attend for a discussion followed by a live performance by Bromberg.

This film is presented by the Maine Jewish Film Festival, and hosted by the PMA

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