Art for All

Art for All is an initiative that supports the PMA's dedication to being an open, accessible, inclusive, and welcoming museum for all, through exhibitions and programs that reflect our community and create experiences with art that strengthen our bonds and bring us together. 

In February 2017, the PMA completed a four year, cross-departmental accessibility initiative, Your Museum, Reimagined, in which PMA staff reinstalled the collection, digitized the collection, improved physical accessibility, and created more ways to remove financial means as a barrier to the museum. This renewed focus on audience engagement and accessibility has continued through the introduction of the Susie Konkel Pass in March 2018, which grants free admission to everyone ages 21 and under. Art for All, is an ongoing initiative that aims to build on these efforts.

Exhibitions in 2018 that are supported by Art for All include the 2018 Portland Museum of Art Biennial and Painter and Poet: The Art of Ashley Bryan. In 2019, Art for All will support Relational Undercurrents: Contemporary Art of the Caribbean Archipelago, with more announcements to come soon.


Individual Support:
Anonymous (2)
Judy and John Adelman
Sheri and Joe Boulos
Shannon C. Gordon
Cyrus Hagge
Patricia Hille Dodd Hagge
Jocelyn and Peter Handy
Alison and Horace Hildreth
Douglas and Sharyn Howell
John and Hilary Isacke
Marian Hoyt Morgan and Christopher Hawley Corbett
Karen L. McDonald
Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Spencer
Stewart and Elizabeth Strawbridge
Amy Woodhouse and Tobey Scott

Foundation Support:
Franklin P. and Arthur W. Perdue Foundation, Inc.

Horizon Foundation

Avangrid Foundation, in partnership with Central Maine Power

Corporate Sponsors:


To learn more about Art for All, and the many ways in which you or your company can get involved, email our Philanthropy department or call (207) 699-7148.