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Members are at the heart of the PMA, and we couldn’t do it without you.

Membership at the PMA is one of the best and most rewarding ways to contribute to the community. By becoming a member of the museum, you’ve chosen to support our mission and be a part of something truly special. We thank you for your dedication to the arts—your support and membership allow us to provide unique and engaging programming, events, and exhibitions to 150,000 visitors a year. When all is said and done, your involvement and membership are at the heart of the PMA.

More Ways to Support PMA

PMA Contemporaries at this year's Black & White Bash. Photo by C.A. Smith Photography.

Leadership Circles

Leadership Circles are our premium levels of membership and provide deep and meaningful engagement with the museum. There are several Leadership Circles available at the PMA, and we’d be happy to help you find the right fit. From The Contemporaries, a fun and vibrant circle comprised on artistically minded 21-45 year olds, to the most exclusive and revered 1882 Circle, where you help define the museum’s direction, ethos, and mission, there is a Leadership Circle for you at the PMA.

Gifts and Donations

There are many ways to strengthen and support the PMA beyond membership. Gifts and donations provide integral support to the museum and and are fully tax deductible. Contributions to our Annual Fund directly support the PMA’s programs and mission. And our Planned Giving Program provides financial support to the museum through wills, trusts, life insurance gifts, and the like, and are effective means of providing tax and financial benefits for you and your family as well for the museum.

What's Going on at PMA?

June 14, 2017
Editorial and Brand Specialist
This year, the "Marsden Hartley's Maine" exhibition at the Met and the Colby College Museum of Art has Maine front of mind in the art world. The Maine Art Museum Trail puts Maine culture right at your fingertips—whether you're exploring Hartley's Maine or inventing your own.

In the News

Travel + Leisure
June 26, 2017 |

Among the trips Casey Wohl racked up while researching the Girls Getaway Guide, one of the most memorable was Savannah, GA. “That’s where we had breakfast next to Robert Redford and met him afterward,” she says. “Talk about a hot girls’ getaway.”

Even when Redford’s not in town, Savannah scored in the top 10 for girlfriend getaways, according to Travel + Leisure readers. They ranked 35 metro areas for such features as walkable streetswine bars, and great theater in our annual America’s Favorite Cities survey.

Upcoming Events for Members

6:30 pm
Jonathan Borofsky’s sculpture Human Structures (24 Figures Connected), newly unveiled in the David E. Shaw and Family Sculpture Park,...
6:30 pm
This special lecture will contextualize the innovations of Lachaise, Laurent, Nadelman, and Zorach by examining how they fit within a...
2:00 pm
Associate Curator of American Art Diana Greenwold shares with PMA members how Hofmann's time in California not only altered his life...