For Families

Bring the kids! The PMA welcomes families and makes it easy for parents, grandparents, and children of all ages to experience the museum and explore art together. We have activities and amenities for families of all sizes, including the PMA Family Space, our family museum guides, gallery activities, and a whole variety of kid-centric events.

Visiting with children

Create a family adventure plan. 

What would you like to see together? Will you search for special kinds of sculpture and paintings? Or look for faces, animals, or places? 

Take your time and ask each other questions.

Choose a work of art to look at and let your child know that each person can experience the same work of art in different ways. What do you see? How do you think the artist made this? Take your time.

Keep your eyes open and explore.

Even our buildings are works of art! Look up in the Selma Wolf Black Great Hall, revel in the the details of the McLellan House, and navigate all the galleries in our three connected buildings. And don't forget to pick up a museum map at the Information Desk—there is so much to see!

More tips for a great visit.

  • Do you need a locker or a stroller? Find them in the coatroom. We ask that large bags, umbrellas, and backpacks be placed in a locker. Stroller Kits filled with books and games are available to occupy tiny hands.
  • Every parent should know where the nearest restroom is. Ours are on the lower ground floor of the Payson Building, and include changing stations for the littlest ones. Additional restrooms are located near the PMA Family Space in the McLellan House.
  • Hold hands and walk together. Remember our museum rule: Please do not touch the works of art and please keep a safe distance from the objects on display.
  • Take a snack break! Kid-friendly options abound at the PMA Café by Aurora Provisions—we've got good stuff for the grown-ups too.
  • Visit the family section in the PMA Store for games, toys, and an excellent selection of children's books for all ages.

PMA Family Space