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2:00 pm

For more than 30 years, art forger Mark E. Landis carefully painted over photocopies, distressed store-bought frames, and adopted numerous disguises to donate more than 100 works to unsuspecting museums—before Matthew Leininger, a former registrar at the Oklahoma City Museum of Art, devoted himself to catching him. This documentary details that cat-and-mouse chase while shining a spotlight on the secret world of art forgery and themes of artistic agency, authenticity, and obsession.

11:00 am
Join Visitor Experience Associate Ann Merrill as she shares thoughts and insights about a work from the PMA collection or a special exhibition.
11:30 am
The book-club experience comes to art with this ongoing series, in which visitors are invited to study one work on view and then share their opinions over lunch in the PMA Café. Eastman Johnson's intimate, pensive scene of a woman and a child in a hayloft was painted around 1877 in a Kennebunk barn. Note the richness of the palette and similarity to the work of Rembrandt van Rijn, and share your thoughts.
6:30 pm

Filmmaker Lance Edmands assembled an all-star cast for his indie drama, which is set in Millinocket, Maine. When tragedy strikes the small town, how will the community cope? Who will take the blame? Bluebird contains shades of renowned indie dramas such as The Sweet Hereafter and In the Bedroom, has been selected for film festivals all over the world—and now comes to the PMA. Edmands and producer Kyle Martin will host a Q&A session after the Friday evening screening.

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