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Iranian painter Bahman Mohassess was an openly gay artist who had to flee Iran in the 1950s when he found himself persecuted and censored after the fall of Mossadegh. His work has been rediscovered in recent years and praised as being ahead of its time, and this playful documentary features many sit-down interviews with him in the months before his death in Rome in 2010.

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  • Friday September 19 6:30 pm

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Not Rated

Antoni Gaudí’s breathtaking “Sagrada Familia” cathedral in Barcelona has been under construction since 1882 and is now only halfway completed. This documentary examines the process of creating something so ambitious, along with the passion and drive of the designers and architects involved. The themes extend beyond the creation of this specific cathedral out to the natures of human creation and the search for the purpose of our existence.

Show Times
  • Saturday September 20 2:00 pm
Not Rated

This documentary takes us into the life of celebrated Chinese artist and activist Ai Weiwei in the year following his 81-day stint in solitary detention. The film spends time with him as he returns to his home and routine, discusses the impending change he believes is about to happen in China, walks us through some of his art, responds to reporters, continues to fight the authorities in his own subversive ways, and describes “The Fake Case”—the lawsuit that the Chinese government is building against him.

Show Times
  • Sunday September 21 2:00 pm
Not Rated

French master Philippe Garrel tells the story about a man who leaves his wife and daughter by closely observing the fractured romance and with the web of relationships throughout his characters’ lives, and conveying the details through fragments of conversation, gestures, and actions.

Show Times
  • Friday September 26 6:30 pm
  • Saturday September 27 2:00 pm
  • Sunday September 28 2:00 pm