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Director Judy Irving delighted audiences with The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill, and now she returns with another documentary about birds in the Bay Area, which is being distributed by Waterville, Maine’s Shadow Distribution. The star of the film is Gigi, a pelican that was “arrested” for blocking traffic on the Golden Gate Bridge. Irving looks at Gigi’s entire life, from birth to capture to rehabilitation, while shining a light on what makes these odd birds so unique.

Not Rated
Show Times
  • Friday November 28 6:30 pm
  • Saturday November 29 2:00 pm
  • Sunday November 30 2:00 pm

$8 general admission
$6 for members and students w/ valid i.d.

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Not Rated

Charlie Hunnam (of the popular TV show Sons of Anarchy) stars as the title character in this colorful adaption of the Dickens novel about a young man who, after the death of his father, endeavors to save his family from a cruel uncle. Jamie Bell, Jim Broadbent, Alan Cumming, Anne Hathaway, Nathan Lane, and Christopher Plummer round out the impressive cast.

Show Times
  • Friday December 12 6:30 pm
Not Rated

Among the first of Alfred Hitchcock’s many masterpieces—and well before he moved to Hollywood—was this British thriller about a man (Robert Donat) who chances into a beautiful spy (Lucie Mannheim) who informs him of an enemy plot to uncover British military secrets and mentions something about the “39 steps.” Those who know Hitchcock recognize this as a “MacGuffin” to get the plot moving (this is one of the first of his films to use such a device), and the man soon finds himself on the run from mysterious assassins and attempting to solve the mystery of the 39 steps.

Show Times
  • Saturday December 13 2:00 pm
Not Rated

Alec Guinness and Peter Sellers star in this screwball gem about five lowlife criminals who hatch a bank robbery scheme that involves renting space in the house of an eccentric octogenarian and her talking parrot. They attempt to pull the wool over her eyes by pretending to be a string quartet using the room for a rehearsal space, and this charade leads to but some of the film’s many gags.

Show Times
  • Sunday December 14 2:00 pm