Event Spotlight

11:00 am
Portland artist Aaron T Stephan discusses his Circa exhibition "Aaron T Stephan: To Borrow, Cut, Copy, and Steal" at this Artist...
11:30 am
The book-club experience comes to art with this ongoing series, in which visitors are invited to study one work on view and then share...
7:00 pm
This year's Contemporaries Winter Bash: Ship to Shore is the year's first "can't miss" event.

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In 2014, PMA Movies screened the re-release of the late Eric Rohmer's 1996 film A Summer’s Tale, and we are now proud to present an HD restoration of another of Rohmer's “Tales of Four Seasons”—1992’s A Tale of Winter. The story centers on a Félicie and Charles, a man and woman who come together on holiday, and then drift apart. Years later, in a frigid Paris, Félicie (Charlotte Véry) finds herself in various relationships but still carries a torch for Charles.

Not Rated
Show Times
  • Friday January 30 6:30 pm
  • Saturday January 31 2:00 pm
  • Sunday February 1 2:00 pm

$8 general admission
$6 for members and students w/ valid i.d.

Tickets are sold beginning at 10 a.m. on the day of the show at Admissions Desk.

E.g., 2015-01-31
E.g., 2015-01-31
E.g., 2015-01-31
E.g., 2015-01-31