October 21, 2014
Curator of American Art and Director of Collections
Maybe you don’t know much about British art. Maybe you think you don’t like British art because you expect it to be a bunch of old portraits of long-dead aristocrats that came from dimly lit, dusty old manors. But that is not the case here! The sheer visual power of these paintings will immediately draw you in, and the great range of subjects and styles will demonstrate that there’s a lot more to British art than you might have expected.

October 17, 2014
Susan Donnell and Harry W. Konkel Assistant Curator of European Art
As I have gotten to know the collection at the PMA in my first month here, the need to makes these changes has allowed me to bring works out of storage and re-hang others, creating fresh gallery experiences that tell different stories about the history of art.

October 17, 2014
Communications and New Media Specialist
In the tradition of This American Life and Radiolab, the PMA is proud to present The Backstory, a new audio series highlighting the untold and lesser known stories of our favorite artists and artworks. In our first episode, we dig into the story of Benjamin West's The Ascension, which took over 20 year to complete and...well...