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Art Daily
May 26, 2015

Directors’ Cut: Selections from the Maine Art Museum Trail presents art from Maine’s most-renowned museums—bringing the best art Maine has to offer together for the first time.

Portland Press Herald
May 24, 2015

The photographer Rose Marasco has learned to be kind to her maker self.

She pursues her work with purpose, but not intent. She likes to experiment, but doesn’t worry if her experiments fail read the article

Maine Today
May 22, 2015

“Directors’ Cut” at the Portland Museum of Art will look familiar, but it’s a different kind of show. It features art from museums across Maine and by many of the most widely recognized names in read the article

Maine Today
May 21, 2015

Heading east down Congress Street, we come to the Portland Museum of Art and Robert Indiana’s newly installed “Seven.” It is what the name implies: a fabricated steel numeral 7, which Indiana read the article

The Portland Phoenix
April 29, 2015

Being given a retrospective, one year after retirement from a long teaching career, could be perceived as slightly morbid or as auspicious. Does it mark an end or a new beginning? I am convinced read the article

April 28, 2015

PORTLAND, ME.- The Portland Museum of Art presents Rose Marasco: index, the latest exhibition in the PMA’s Circa series. The exhibition is the photographer’s first-ever retrospective, and the PMA read the article

Travel + Leisure
April 28, 2015

Things Not To Miss in Portland, ME: Strolling through the Portland Museum of Art. The building houses works by Edward Hopper, Picasso, Matisse, Monet, and many more.

Cafe des Artistes
April 26, 2015

Rose Marasco is perhaps Maine’s most-prolific living photographer, having lived and photographed in Portland and its surrounding communities for more than 35 years.

April 24, 2015

The photographs in Rose Marasco: index are stunning and display extraordinary range, encompassing everything from her images of the urban environment to her unexpectedly poetic response to the read the article

Portland Press Herald
April 23, 2015

Alison Ferris had two goals when she chose artists for the Portland Museum of Art biennial: She wanted to include artists who had never participated, and she wanted the work to represent a variety read the article