Board of Trustees

Board President Jeff Kane and PMA Director Mark Bessire.
The Portland Museum of Art is fortunate to have the leadership of its Board of Trustees.

Committed to strengthening the Portland Museum of Art as the foremost cultural institution in Maine, the Board of Trustees works tirelessly to support and grow PMA's mission. Together with PMA Director Mark Bessire and museum leadership, the Board of Trustees has overseen and directed a period of incredible transformation, expansion, and prosperity at the museum. As the PMA looks to the future—with an eye toward continued growth, influence, and renown—it couldn't be in better hands.

The Board

Jeffrey D. Kane, President
Anna H. Wells, Chair
Amy H. Woodhouse, Vice President 
William J. Ryan, Jr., Treasurer
James A. Houle, Secretary

Honorary Trustees
Rosalyne S. Bernstein
Peggy L. Osher

Trustee Emeritus
Earle G. Shettleworth, Jr.

Katherine M.B. Berger
Scott M. Black 
Jacqueline D. Bucar
Nathan J. Clark
Melanie Stewart Cutler, M.D.
William H. Davisson  
Beth L. De Tine          
Alexander D. Fisher
Joseph R. Foley
Eileen T. Gillespie
Walter B. Goldfarb, M.D.       
Cyrus Y. Hagge           
William D. Hamill
Jocelyn R. Handy
John F. Isacke
Nancy K. Kaye
Harry W. Konkel
Robert D. Kump
Bree A. LaCasse         
Samuel A. Ladd III
Judy Glickman Lauder

James L. Moody, Jr.
John P. Moore
Robert S. Nanovic
Leonard M. Nelson
Leslie B. Otten
Hilary G. Robbins
Christopher N. Robinson
Laurence H. Rubinstein
Stewart Strawbridge
Hans Underdahl        
Heather Veitch          
John H. Wallace         
William B. Williams, M.D.
William B. Williamson