Spotlight Talk: Benjamin Paul Akers' "The Dead Pearl Diver"

Spotlight Talk: Benjamin Paul Akers' "The Dead Pearl Diver"

Each month PMA staff will focus on a highlight
 of the museum collection in an interactive and informative gallery discussion. There is no better way to start this new program off than with September's selection, Benjamin Paul Akers' sculpture The Dead Pearl Diver, the PMA's first major purchase back in 1888!

This is just one of the many ways in which the PMA is transforming as part of Your Museum, Reimagined.

Benjamin Paul Akers (United States, 1825-1861), The Dead Pearl Diver, 1858, marble, 27 x 67 x 28 inches. Museum purchase with support from Mrs. Elizabeth Akers Allen, John M. Adams, F. R. Barrett, John M. Brown, Philip H. Brown, Abba H. Burnham, A. W. H. Clapp, Nathan Cleaves, Francis Cushing, William G. Davis, Henry Deering, John E. DeWitt, Mark P. Emery, Francis Fessenden, S. C. Gordon, Charles M. Gore, J. H. Hamlin, George S. Hunt, James H. McMullan, W. F. Milliken, Edward A. Noyes, Lewis Pierce, William L. Putnam, Thomas B. Reed, H. W. Richardson, Henry St. John Smith, A. A. Strout, L. D. M. Sweat, W. W. Thomas, Payson Tucker, and George P. Wescott. 1888.1


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