PMA360 presents: "Exploring Modernism through Sound"

PMA360 presents: "Exploring Modernism through Sound"

Artist Intervention: Sound Design
5 - 8 PM

Imagine yourself into a painting with the sounds of New York in the 1920s: birds chirping, car horns blaring, and crowds murmuring. Using a custom designed app by artist Sam Richardson, you can create and share your soundscape with friends and the rest of the PMA360 crowd alike.

About Sam Richardson
Sam Richardson is an emerging multidisciplinary artist with a focus in new media and generative compositions. Sam’s current practice incorporates computer code, electronics, and web technologies to create generative prints and interactive pieces. His work deals with emergent forms — the relinquishment of total control and an appreciation of beauty that accompanies naturalistic chaos. Outside of visual fields, Sam is a multi-instrumentalist who experiments with formless compositions in his spare time. He continues to work with photography and drawing, and has maintained the tongue-in-cheek art blog Hand Drawn Album Covers since 2014. Having had a strong interest in art and science from a young age, he attended Sarah Lawrence College where he studied photography, painting, and computer science for two years. Desiring to combine his passions, Sam transferred to Maine College of Art, where he graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in New Media in 2015.

Make a Wooden Magnet Sculpture
5 - 8 PM

Pop on headphones, listen to the music, and create a collaborative magnet sculpture inspired by what you hear.

Gallery Talks with the Portland Symphony Orchestra
6 PM Lynn Hannings, 
Double Bass
O'Keeffe, Stettheimer, Torr, Zorach: Women Modernists in New York

6:30 PM John Elliott, Director of Education and Community Engagement
Georges Braque: Surface and Space


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