Politics, Printmaking, and Precarious Culture in Weimar Germany

Free for PMA members; $8 public

In Conversation: Connecting Painting and Printmaking

Since 1946, the Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture has brought together diverse and talented groups of artists for concentrated periods of artistic creation, interaction, and growth. In the spirit of the discursive environment of Skowhegan's rural Maine campus, artist Polly Apfelbaum (Skowhegan resident faculty, 1999) and art historian Faye Hirsch will engage in a conversation inspired by the PMA exhibition Skowhegan at Seventy.

Civil Rights Through Art and Law

Thursday, August 11
6 p.m.
Free, Reservations are required.
Bernard Osher Foundation Auditorium

Join the Portland Museum of Art, the Maine Humanities Council, and the University of Maine School of Law for an intimate conversation between artist David Driskell and lawyer Melvyn Zarr, facilitated by Danielle Conway, Dean of the Maine School of Law, on the Civil Rights Movement as filtered through the lenses of art and law.

Innovators and Entrepreneurs: Women in Business Forum

Thursday, July 28
6 p.m. to 7 p.m.
Free for members and employees of Corporate members; $8 general public
Bernard Osher Foundation Auditorium

Two Centuries of Decorative Arts in Portland

This members-only symposium is a collaboration between the PMA and the Decorative Arts Trust and will address various aspects of the decorative arts in Portland from the early 19th century to the present. Coffee and refreshments will be served.

The symposium goes from 9 a.m. to noon and the program is as follows:

Parlor Games: Decorative Arts and the McLellan House, 1801-2015
Diana Jocelyn Greenwold
Curatorial Fellow, PMA

Regionalism and Contemporary Artists in Maine: Opportunities and Challenges

What are the opportunities and challenges of sustaining a career as a contemporary artist in Maine? How does Maine's rich artistic history and prevailing sense of regionalism affect future generations of artists who are exploring non-traditional forms of artistic expression? What role does Maine's cultural institutions and commercial galleries play in creating new audiences and collectors of contemporary art?

Free Legal Roundtable for Independent Filmmakers

Free Legal Roundtable for Independent Filmmakers with Attorney Sandra Forman in the PMA Café

If you are an indie filmmaker facing legal or business affairs questions in the course if your work, don’t miss this session. Noted Boston-based entertainment attorney Sandra Forman will hold a free legal roundtable for the first 12 people to sign up. Whether about releases, third-party clearances, e&o insurance or underlying rights agreements, bring your questions and take notes. This invaluable q&a session will provide you with important guidance and information…and it’s free.

Women Filmmakers Forum

“ Action! Documentaries that Move Us”

The Maine Jewish Film Festival welcome a group of distinguished women filmmakers to a timely panel discussion on their work. In an industry environment many regard as fossilized, they have successfully produced, directed and distributed films that urge us to action. Each has made a powerfully engaging documentary that demands our attention and motivates hearts and minds. Each has committed to a high level of community outreach around their films. They discuss their roles as catalysts for change.

Inside the Portland Food Co-op

The Portland Food Co-op started in 2006 with the goal of providing healthy, affordable food, creating a member-owned business, and supporting local farmers. The all-volunteer organization grew over time, now boasting more than 2,700 member-owners, and in fall 2014 opened its first storefront on Portland’s East End. Learn about the Portland Food Co-op’s unique mission and what makes food co-ops so integral to a sustainable community.

Guests include:

The Hidden World of Bees and Pollination

Learn about bees, our great pollinators, and the national and local issues that concern them and our food supply. Maine honey and mead tasting to follow.

Guests include:

Christy Hemenway, Gold Star Honeybees
Heather Spalding, Deputy Director of MOFGA
C.R. Lawn, Fedco Seed founder

Seating is limited and reservations are strongly recommended.