Image Services

The Rights & Reproductions department at the Portland Museum of Art provides images for educational presentations, professional research, print and electronic publications, and media projects.

Please note: image requests are currently on hold.

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If you are interested in loaning or giving collections or works of art to the Portland Museum of Art, please contact the Exhibitions and Collections Assistant at

Please note: The Portland Museum of Art staff cannot provide appraisals for historical objects or works of art. You may locate a qualified appraiser in your area by visiting the website of the American Society of Appraisers

Available Photography

The Portland Museum of Art has 4 x 5 inches color transparencies and high resolution digital photography. Low resolution digital images are available for educational, research, and lecture use only. They are not permitted for publication. New photography of a work of art is subject to availability at the time of request.

General Terms and Conditions for Reproduction Rights

Permission to reproduce artwork in the PMA’s collection is granted under the following conditions:

  • Requests for photographic material, limited to the PMA’s collections and buildings, must be received in writing. Please submit your request by completing our Reproduction Rights form. All pertinent information, including type of publication or project, publisher or producer and all contact information, title of publication or project, author, publication date, print run, and language(s) in which the publication will be distributed, must be included. Also specify what type of photography is desired, i.e. color transparency or digital image. Permission is granted when all fees (including those for rental, purchase or creation of photographic material) are paid in full (if applicable).
  • All requests for photography must be made in writing three (3) months in advance of receipt of photography. A fee of $250 will be charged for expedited service for all requests made with less than three months notice.
  • Permission applies only to one specific request and is limited to this one use. Unless otherwise stated in writing, all fees apply to a one time, one edition, and one language use with distribution in North America. Permission for any future editions, different publisher imprints, translations or ancillary projects, must be requested in writing and approved by the museum in advance, and are subject to re-use fees. Reproduction rights are not transferable to a third party unless other stated in writing. The PMA will not grant exclusive reproduction rights for any work in the collection.
  • Applicants requesting permission to reproduce photographs of works by artists whose copyright is not held by the Portland Museum of Art or whose work is not in the public domain must assume responsibility of ascertaining copyright ownership and compliance with the pertinent copyright restrictions. The PMA assumes no responsibility for claims against the applicants or the PMA by third parties (including the artists, their agents or estates). Applicants agree to indemnify the PMA and hold it harmless against any and all such claims and cost, including copyright infringement claims arising out of applicant’s reproduction of the work(s) of art in question.
  • Reproductions are permitted only from photographs or transparencies supplied by the Portland Museum of Art. Applicants may not duplicate in any way a color transparency or black-and-white photograph supplied by the museum. Applicants will be responsible for the return of rented materials upon completion of the project for which permission has been obtained. Transparencies are rented on a three (3) month basis and must be returned to the PMA after use. Material not returned in a timely manner will incur late fees. Rental beyond the initial terms is charged per month.
  • Any unauthorized use thereof, by any person or entity, for any reason, whether or not authorized by the applicant, will render the applicant responsible and liable to the PMA for appropriate compensation. Failure to return the rented material in useable condition will incur replacement costs.
  • Color proofs and layouts must be submitted and approved prior to publication.
  • The image may not be cropped or bled off the page, nothing may be superimposed on the image nor should it be defaced or altered. A specific detail must be approved in advance by the Portland Museum of Art, and the word “detail” must be included in the caption. All reproductions must be full-tone, black-and-white or full color.
  • Color slides, color transparency duplicates, monochrome negatives, photographic prints and digital files may not be made by outside companies or photographers for commercial purposes.
  • Use in video, film, and digital media or new technologies hereafter devised must be negotiated separately and specific conditions apply. If applicable, a clause governing the intended use will be included on the permission contract.
  • Reproduction (“lifting”) from printed, analog, digital formats or any photographic materials not directly supplied to the client by the Museum is strictly forbidden.
  • The Portland Museum of Art reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to deny permission to any applicant whose product is not acceptable to the PMA for any reason, as well as to refuse permission for further applications from a publisher or other applicant, if, in its opinion, the standard of reproduction has not been of acceptable quality.
  • Two complimentary copies of the print publication must be sent to the PMA unless otherwise specified.
  • The complete credit line must appear in immediate proximity to the reproduction or in the section within the publication devoted to acknowledgements.

Request An Image

All requests for images must be made in writing. Permission for such use is granted at the sole discretion of the Portland Museum of Art. Please submit your request by completing our Reproduction Rights form.