Apply to be a 2018 Homer High School Fellow!

Apply to be a 2018 Homer High School Fellow!

We’re recruiting our newest class of Homer High School Fellows!

This seven-week paid Fellowship is a unique hands-on working and learning opportunity to explore careers in the arts and see how museums work from the inside out. Fellows work closely as a team to explore the galleries, visit artist studios, and develop programs and resources to share their experience with others.

Hear what the experience is like from our 2017 Fellows:

What’s something unexpected you learned this summer?

“I learned how much art correlates with society and how many people protest with their art. Art is a symbol for many things and can be interpreted in so many ways. I learned how to observe more and now I’m so aware of my surroundings and about everything. This program opened my eyes about so many things from gender to race to equal rights. It made me think about a lot of pressing issues and how to express myself more.” – Imti Hassan

“One of the really meaningful moments I had was the first time Kesho Wazo, a youth art collective in town, came to the museum for a visit with us. When we were sitting out in the sculpture garden and talking, it made me realize how much creativity there is with teens in Portland, and that was kind of that first time I saw people who like to be creative come together, which I was really inspired and excited by.” – Jeremy Bruce

How has the museum changed for you from when you first began you Fellowship?

“Probably the main way the museum is different to me now than when I first came in is the comfort I feel walking around in the galleries. Now, at the end of the summer, I feel almost at home sitting in the galleries. I feel a sense of belonging that I never felt in a museum before. Knowing where my favorite pieces of art are and my favorite rooms to sit in make the entire museum feel comfortable to me.” – Morgan Aponte-Clarke

“I was under a subconscious impression that pieces of art just appeared in exhibits, not requiring all the work and planning that I now understand goes into every piece’s placement in the entire museum. Knowing this also contributes to being significantly more comfortable in museums, that everything is a group effort of many people who are incredibly enthusiastic about art. I also thought museums were not that keen on anyone under 20 being in or part of museums, like a sort of stigma against young people who ‘don’t appreciate art.’ I was so glad to learn how many people working in the museum were excited to meet us Fellows, and talk to us about their job in the museum and answer our questions honestly, without condescension.” – Dylan Doyle

How has this Fellowship affected your long-term goals?

“This Fellowship made me think more about my future and also more about my past. I’m thinking of so many things, I also look at art differently. I loved how many things I learned while doing this Fellowship. My new goal is to do something that would make me happy and something that has meaning. I feel more confidence, I learned how to step back and let others take the lead more, and take the lead when I want to. I’m more comfortable with myself more than ever. Career-wise, I want to be happy. I have goals to travel, see art, and even make art of my own. I feel more appreciative about everything now.” – Imti Hassan

“I think this fellowship has greatly influenced the way I think about the art world, especially in considering money and how someone has to make a living as an artist. It’s definitely inspired me to work more on my own art, improving skills and branching out, but also pursue other pragmatic careers to support it.” –Dylan Doyle

If you or anyone interested has any questions about the Homer High School Fellowship, please contact me. The job is open to rising high school students, so current seniors are not eligible to apply. The application deadline is May 27 and the materials can be found here.

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May 3, 2018
Youth and Teen Programs Coordinator

Martha Schnee is an arts educator and has worked at the PMA since 2015. She has coordinated the PMA’s summer Homer High School Fellows program since 2016, and focuses her work on uplifting youth voice and the intersection of arts and social justice. She has also held positions in outreach and arts education at SPACE Gallery, The Art Department, and The Portland Housing Authority Study Centers. Martha is a practicing interdisciplinary artist, creating work in photography, experimental performance, audio, and printmaking. She moved to Maine in 2012, and holds an honors B.A. from Bates College in American Cultural Studies. When she’s not working, she loves riding her bike, hanging out with her two kittens, and exploring.