2015 Dorothy Schwartz Forum
 on Art, Science, and the Humanities: “Communicating Climate Change”

In collaboration with the Maine Humanities Council, the PMA will host a one-day program exploring one of the most contentious issues of our time: climate change. How has public conversation about climate change evolved over time? What cultural and historical factors have shaped its trajectory? How do scientists, artists, and humanities scholars influence the way we understand and talk about climate change today?

Registration required; to register, contact the Maine Humanities Council at (207) 773-5051 or visit

Artist lecture with Christine Collins

Christine Collins makes photographs about desire and the landscape, both natural and domestic. Hear from this 2015 PMA Biennial artist about her process and ongoing curiosity about how people reconnect with the natural world in today's urbanized society.

$8; free for PMA members.

2015 Leonard and Merle Nelson Social Justice Fund Lecture

An acclaimed interdisciplinary artist and educator, William Pope.L explores racism, classism, consumerism, and other sociopolitical issues through provocative performance
art, theater, painting, and photography. His conceptual work ranges from paintings and sculpture to outdoor collaborative “crawls” and other performances. His longest performance, titled The Great White Way, 22 Miles, 9 Years, 1 Street, was a crawl up the length of Manhattan.

"Christmas in Maine" book signing

Local publisher Islandport Press has reissued Christmas in Maine by Pulitzer Prize-winning poet Robert P. Tristram Coffin, originally written in 1941. New woodcut illustrations by Portland artist Blue Butterfield accompany the classic text. Join the PMA Store, Islandport Press, and Butterfield to ring in the season with this new release of the holiday classic.

Curator Talk with Jennifer DePrizio

Join Jennifer DiPrizio, Peggy L. Osher Director of Learning and Interpretation, for a talk on Me, Mona, and Mao.

Artist Interventions with Stacy Howe

Portland artist Stacy Howe’s work is inspired by Surrealist ideas of dream imagery, games of chance, and the combination of seemingly incongruous ideas. Her fantastic drawings merge and flow apart, evoking a sense of the beautiful, the horrific and the absurd. In this participatory experience, centered around the opening of Me, Mona, and Mao, Howe will examine the relationship between a viewing public and the artist’s practice.

#ThirdThursPMA presents "Me, Mona, and Mao Opening Party"

Join us for the opening party of the installation that everyone is going to be talking about this winter: Me, Mona, and Mao. Check out the exhibition, enjoy live music and beverages in the PMA Café, an Artist Intervention by Stacy Howe, and more!

Basket Weaving Demonstration by Jeremy Frey

After Theresa Secord’s lecture, join Passamaquoddy basket weaver Jeremy Frey for a campfire-style demonstration of his craft. Frey is a specialist of ash fancy baskets, a traditional form of Wabanaki weaving, and his work appears in the Smithsonian as well as many other prominent museums around the country.

Public programming related to the Biennial is supported by the Peggy L. Osher Endowment at the PMA.

"Woven Traditions: Basketmaking in Maine" by Theresa Secord

Theresa Secord shares the tribal legacy of basketmaking and her own story as a basketmaker who learned ash and sweetgrass basketry. Learn about the world of today’s generation of Wabanaki basketmakers, their challenges, and the exciting directions in which they are taking this ancient traditional art. Stick around for a basketweaving demonstration by Jeremy Frey at 1 p.m.

Bernard Osher Foundation Auditorium.
$8; free for PMA members.

Public programming related to the Biennial is supported by the Peggy L. Osher Endowment at the PMA.

Curator Talk with Alison Ferris

Join Alison Ferris, exhibition curator, for a talk on You Can't Get There From Here: The 2015 PMA Biennial.

Public programming related to the Biennial is supported by the Peggy L. Osher Endowment at the PMA.