Noontime Talk: Community Voices

End your week with art! Each Friday at noon, join a curator, educator, scholar, or artist in the galleries.

This week, join Elizabeth Spavento, Visual Arts Programmer at SPACE Gallery.

Noontime Talk: "Color and Abstraction in Hans Hofmann: Works on Paper"

End your week with art! Each Friday at noon, join a curator, educator, scholar, or artist in the galleries.

This week, join Diana Greenwold, Associate Curator of American Art, for her talk "Color and Abstraction in Hans Hofmann: Works on Paper."


PMA360: Mourning Portraits

In the spirit of the Halloween season, we'll explore the spooky side of Model Citizens: Art and Identity in the United States, 1770-1830. The Maine Historical Society and historian Libby Bischof join us for a close look at mourning embroidery and memorial portraits to underscore how 18th and 19th century America used painting and needlework to commemorate loved ones after death, and to offer insight into old funeral customs. Watch a demonstration by silhouette artist Ruth Monsell, who will create a ghostly likeness of you.

Mindfulness and Art: A Practice in the Galleries

Mindfulness is considered a state of active, open attention to the present. When you're mindful, you carefully observe your thoughts and feelings without judgement. For centuries, practitioners have used mindfulness to quiet the mind, open the heart, increase focus, and foster a greater sense of peace and calm. This past year, we incorporated the concept in our galleries with this new program.

PMA360: Storytelling Objects

What do you think or feel when you look at a toy car? Does it spark reflections on childhood, evoke the sensation of driving, or prompt consideration of industrial design? Taking inspiration from our interactive Workshop installation, Storytelling Objects, we'll explore how objects inspire different meanings for different viewers. Listen to local writers read their original stories about objects represented in PMA paintings and sculptures.

Teacher and Educator Open House

Teachers are our best allies when it comes to sharing the PMA collection with Maine youth, and this free Open House shows our appreciation. Teachers in any subject from Pre-K to high school, as well as homeschoolers, are invited to visit the PMA. Spend the afternoon with fellow educators enjoying complimentary refreshments, exploring the galleries, learning about the Peggy L.

Yoga Program: Embracing the Autumn Equinox

Practice yoga out on the green grass and surrounded by outdoor sculpture! On the autumn equinox, day and night are of equal length, marking the need to balance the light and darkness within ourselves. As the leaves begin to fall, we're reminded of nature's cycles of renewal (spring) and impermanence (fall). During this special yoga class, we'll explore outdoor art before practicing breath with movement in an an all-levels outdoor yoga class. Meet in the David E. Shaw and Family Sculpture Park; please bring your own mat.


Spotlight Talk: Jonathan Borofsky's "Human Structures (24 Figures Connected)"

How many ways can you see one work of art? Each month, we focus on a highlight
 of the PMA collection for an interactive gallery discussion. August's work is Jonathan Borofsky's Human Structures (24 Figures Connected).

Barnet Scholar's Weekend Gallery Talk with Jacqueline Francis

Art historian Jacqueline Francis will describe how Japanese-American artist Yasuo Kuniyoshi combined strange color harmonies and odd proportions through an in-depth look at one of the artist’s paintings, After the Bath.