The Lavender Hill Mob

This dry comedy by the famed Ealing Studios, which won the Academy Award that is now known as Best Original Screenplay, addressed post-war societal concerns with clever, farcical antics. Alec Guinness plays a mild-mannered bank clerk who befriends a similarly down-and-out souvenir maker (Stanley Holloway), and the two of them scheme to melt gold bullions into toy Eiffel Towers and sneak them into France. They hire a pair of lowlife crooks to aid in their plot, which unfurls to often-hilarious results.

“The willingness to seize on any route away from the all-pervading austerity of victory . . . (along with its) disregard for authority has ensured the Lavender Hill Mob's place in history.” —David Parkinson, Empire Magazine

British Film Institute ranking of the best British films of the 20th century: #17

Did you know? Audrey Hepburn makes one of her first film appearances in a small role in this film.

Directed by Charles Crichton
81 minutes.

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  • Friday October 10 6:30 pm
Not Rated


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