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ARTREK Summer Camp Creations

A selection of the great art kids made this summer during ARTREK, the Museum’s Summer Art Camp.

And these are inspired by Anna Hepler’s giant installation in the Museum’s Great Hall:

Top 10 Ways to Look at Art with Your Kids

By Stacy Rodenberger
Coordinator of School Programs

Looking for something to do with your kids this summer?! Come to the Portland Museum of Art and look at art! Here’s a list of fun ways to look at art with your kids.

  1. Look closely. Look again!
  2. Look for details and look from different angles.
  3. Describe what you see.
  4. Tell a story about what you see.
  5. Ask each other questions about it.
  6. Figure out how it’s made.
  7. Imagine you are in the artwork.
  8. Draw what you see.
  9. Choose your favorite work.
  10. Discover activities in the Museum. Look for interactive exhibits and family guides.

Anna Hepler, “The Great Haul”

By Sage Lewis
Assistant Curator

Installation art, or large-scale sculptural works, are always an adventure to create. For that reason, the past three days have been especially exciting ones in the Museum’s Great Hall. Maine artist, Anna Hepler, has been working each day to install her site-specific piece underneath one of the skylights, 22 feet above the floor. She arrived Monday morning with her two assistants, Jenna and Nate, and they got to work unloading and organizing the plastic nets they’d been sewing during the previous weeks. After much work up and down on the scissor lift attaching nets, the interior blue net that hangs down in a parabola shape was completed by the end of the day on Tuesday. Today is Wednesday, and the crew is now working on the exterior net of white and translucent plastic. Tonight and Thursday nights, the crew will work late, to make sure everything can be finished on Friday.

Stay tuned for more updates on Anna Hepler’s solo exhibition Makeshift. Next week, we’ll move the installation crew to the 4th floor to build another site-specific plastic sculpture.