Monthly Archives: November 2009

Night at the Museum

By Julia Einstein
Coordinator of Youth and Family Programs

On Friday evening, the Education Department will be hosting an event for Maine Headstart families from York County and Portland’s PROP early childhood center in conjunction with Picturing America, an initiative of the National Endowment of the Humanities. This event will introduce young children and their families to the original works of art, which correspond to Picturing America posters and curriculum they have encountered in their classrooms. Our main goal is to provide parents and children the opportunity to experience the Museum in a fun, family-focused setting through conversation, creativity, and sensory experiences. We will follow the child’s lead!

The children will arrive with their families and will pick up a map made especially for them. It will help guide them all up to our gallery of Contemporary art to see the most wonderful Dahlov Ipcar painting. They’ll take turns sitting on the big curved bench for a view of the very popular Brian White sculpture, Ram, and then go back in time to our 19th century sculpture gallery to view the very large Ulysees S. Grant! Each gallery visit will begin with a looking and sketching activity. The second half of the evening will take place in the Museum’s Community Art Studio with clay, paint, and pizza! Families will be invited to create as they experience the world of art!

I’ve enjoyed getting to know Maureen Hickey and Patty Tripp from New England Headstart as we have worked together to create workshops and training sessions and to build enthusiasm for the event. And, I look forward to seeing each child receive a special gift of a book from Denise Pendleton and Martina Duncan of the Maine Humanities Council’s Born to Read program. Our Night at the Museum will stimulate creative thinking and delight and engage the senses!