Monthly Archives: October 2008

On Reading Online

Posted by Dana Baldwin, Peggy L. Osher Director of Education

Welcome to the first post on our new Museum Blog. To celebrate National Book Month in October, we’re blogging about our exhibition André Kertész: On Reading. Kertész was a master of modern street photography as you can see when you visit the show.  The photographs are intimate views and stolen glimpses of people in the act of reading, wholly absorbed. They bring us together by eliciting a response to shared experience. They show private moments, but for those of us who love to read, the photographs illustrate a shared experience.

For many of us who love to read, there’s a special place in our memories for the book that turned us from people who read to Readers.  The book that made you think, “Wow! Who knew? Books are really great–and time flies when you’re absorbed in a really terrific book!”  I always read, but I wasn’t a complete convert until East of Eden.  My husband calls the state of being when you’re completely lost in a book being in “deep book.”  As in–”Don’t bother her. She’s in “deep book.’” I was so consumed by East of Eden (it’s still my favorite of all time) that when I got to the last words of the text, I closed the book and threw my head back and just started laughing.  East of Eden made me a Reader.  How about you?  Add a comment, keep the conversation going, and share the book that made you fall in love with reading.