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The Studio Revealed

By Julia Einstein
Coordinator of Youth and Family Programs

I first entered Beverly Rippel’s studio more than 10 years ago. The studio I remember was one that held her white lab coat—her painting coat—on a hook by the door. When she wasn’t in her studio, I recall the thrill of catching glimpses of objects and arrangements of objects through the window in her studio wall. I couldn’t resist looking in…these objects sometimes glowed with color or were transformed with a wrap of plastic, or they reflected light within mirrored surfaces. It was through this window I was able to peek inside to see the progress of a painting. As our schedules were opposite, (I, a nighttime studio painter and she in the daytime) this was the way I got to know her. After many lively conversations and through teaching together, we formed a friendship. I’m pleased that Beverly has agreed to create a workshop for adults in celebration of the 2011 Portland Museum of Art Biennial.

This workshop, on Thursday, April 7, is from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. The Museum’s Community Studio will become her studio for the night. She’ll bring in and share many of those irresistible objects as well as art supplies. Beverly will demonstrate her techniques and guide us to see how creativity works! The workshop will conclude with a special visit to get to know her painting in the Biennial exhibition.

Beverly Rippel, Pink Cap Gun I, 2010, oil and encaustic on linen, 50 x 52 x 1 1/2 inches. Courtesy of the artist.