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The Group Formerly Known as Smockshop

By Karen Gelardi
Panelist for GFKAS

As the New York Times’ T Magazine mentioned last fall, plans for Andrea Zittel’s future project, The Group Formerly Known as Smockshop (GFKAS), are in the works. And that work is heating up as the group will be launching the new project this Saturday, the 11th of September, at the Portland Museum of Art during SPACE Gallery’s Block Party. A perfect fit. While Portland gets ready to celebrate geometry, collaboration, and the arts, former “smockers,” now called “panelists,” are all working to produce new rectangle-based “panel products”— communicating back and forth via email and in person about the definition of a panel product versus a rectangular product and a product made of rectangles. The result, a testament to Andrea’s idea that rules make us more creative, reflects the personal interests and skills of each artist in the collective while maintaining a connection to Andrea’s artistic practice and following the rules. Or kind of following the rules. We are still working on that.

GFKAS will be presented in the form of a one-day-only pop-up shop in a 25 foot shipping container on the patio in front of the Museum. You can’t miss it! 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. this Saturday (9/11/2010). In honor of the event, the Museum will be open extended hours until 9 p.m.