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Jazz Brunch

By Kate Phenix
Visitor Services Coordinator

Winter is upon us all and lucky enough, so is the second part of the PMA’s Jazz Brunch series. It started again at the end of January, and we were all pleased to have Sundays feel right again. The Museum is full of activity from the musicians getting set-up prior to opening to visitors, to Cissie Lindemann, the Jazz Brunch coordinator, buzzing around making sure everything is taken care of. Somehow, no matter what Cissie is doing, she always looks like she’s dancing. Before 10 a.m. the most dedicated fans of Jazz Brunch begin gathering at the front doors and, especially with this current cold snap, it shows how deep their devotion to the music runs that they are willing to wait outside until we open. Jazz Brunch is one of the moments at the PMA where you can feel the vibrancy and commitment of our membership base as they gather together downstairs to listen to music, enjoy some of the Café’s wonderful offerings, and socialize with the other attendees. Downstairs the Café becomes warm with all of the visitors, settled in among the chairs, tables, and even standing along the walls. Tables are shared and newspapers exchanged as everyone toasts the music and the morning with their cups of coffee. The Museum staff recognizes the regulars, and it’s a happy reunion whenever the programming starts up again after either the winter or summer hiatus. It is a time where the Museum community comes together for an easy and sweet Sunday celebration.

We are looking forward to the line up for the next few months as it includes familiar favorites, new voices, and some from our own Museum family. It should be a great set of performances. In addition, the exhibitions on view in the galleries are so vibrant and dynamic—a perfect accompaniment to the music downstairs. And if anyone ever gets bored, there is always Fritzi, our forever elegant information desk volunteer, to talk to about her appearances in the Jaws films. All in all, a perfect place to be on a frigid Sunday morning.