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Piecing It Together

By Susan Danly
Curator of Graphics, Photography, and Contemporary Art

At Saturday’s lively artists’ talk, Aaron Stephan, Kate Cheney Chappell, and Henry Wolyniec provided a great perspective on their works in the current collage exhibition Collage: Piecing It Together. Taking a cue from Aaron’s own working method, it was if all of us in the audience stood back a bit from the show, stood on our chairs, and looked at the subject through a pair of backwards binoculars. My many thanks to them and to all the Maine artists who lent works to this show. Among those at the event were Frances Kornbluth, Tom Hall, Howard Greenberg, and David Dewey (who arranged for the Joe Fiore loans). My apologies to anyone else in the collage crew, if I missed you in the crush of people at the event. This is just to let you know how much your efforts are appreciated by the Museum family, the broader arts community in Portland who were much in evidence at the reception, and all the visitors who stop at the front desk to tell Rae Reimer how much they love the show.

Image credit: Aaron Stephan (United States, born 1974), Joseph Beuys and the Dalai Lama, 2008, altered anatomy book. Lent by the artist.