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Afternoon at the Art Museum

By Amy Klodzinski
Director of LearningWorks Afterschool

Students from LearningWorks Afterschool Program at East End Community School and Reiche Community School have been involved in a one of a kind project at the Portland Museum of Art. Almost 100 students have visited the museum twice since October and plan on visiting once more before winter break. Plans are in the works for all 100 students to attend six more times over the course of the year and to hold two family events at the museum.

During each visit, small groups of students are matched up with a museum Docent who gives students their museum experience. The groups and the Docents remain the same during every visit in order to create relationships between the Docents and the students, build on student background knowledge and vocabulary, create connections between the students own places and experiences with the art, and share their appreciation of art with the students.

So far, the students from both schools have had two visits. The first visit was a tour of the museum while the second visit was focused more on the art of David C. Driskell. Museum Docents are guiding students from floor to floor and wall to wall, telling students the story about the numerous pieces of art work in the museum. You’ll see one group looking at a Pablo Picasso, another analyzing the works of the many Impressionist art, and yet another examining and sketching the properties of the various sculptures in the museum. Students are looking forward to their third visit of the fall where they will go to the Community Studio and create their very own prints to be placed in the museum for display in the spring!