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Getting Ready for the Auction

By Susan O’Connell
Auction Co-chair

Wow, just a week and a half ’til auction day and the various committees are working at warp speed to put all the pieces together…85 volunteers, 350 auction items with values from $25 to $25,000…it boggles the mind! We still have to gather all the items, get them to the Holiday Inn, stage them for exhibition, decorate the place and each of the 38 tables of eight that will accommodate the attendees (hmm…who will we seat with the new Director??). The good news is that we are almost sold out as reservations have been pouring in. People know that there are GREAT DEALS to be had as well as lots of fun and food—and you get to support Museum education and exhibits—what could be better?! Take a look at the live items on display in the Museum and remember that even if you can’t attend you can leave a bid or buy raffle tickets for a 1 in 300 chance to win $10,000!!! Sure beats the Lottery!!

Image credit: Connie Hayes, Mullions in June, 1999.