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Evidence of Impact

By Vanessa Nesvig
Coordinator of Special Projects and
Dr. Paul Mayewski
Director, Climate Change Institute, University of Orono, Maine

Because of our new exhibition The Coldest Crucible: Arctic Exploration in American Culture, we jumped at the opportunity to invite Paul Mayewski down from Orono to talk about his work at the Climate Change Institute. Mayweski has led more than 50 expeditions to the poles, and has just gotten back from
Antarctica. His research discovered early on the recent loss of Himalayan and Antarctic ice loss, and he has seen evidence of abrupt climate change events in the atmosphere.

Having lived in a tent for a cumulative total of more than 4 years in the Antarctic and having made the first ascent of more than 100 mountains his expertise and stories are legendary! I am looking forward to hearing about his ice core samples and how they are able to reconstruct the atmosphere of past ages.

The focus of his talk will be “reflections from my recent expeditions to Antarctica: It is a place that two decades ago we thought would never change in our lifetime. Now change in climate over Antarctica could impact much of the planet in a several decades or less.”

You can read more about his amazing institute and work at:

(Photo by Joan Myers.)