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Meet the New Curator–Karen Sherry, Curator of American Art

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Learn more about the Winslow Homer Studio and the exhibition Weatherbeaten: Winslow Homer and Maine.

Drawing Dancers Like Degas!

By Dana Baldwin
Director of Education

There’s nothing like a live model to test your understanding of drawing the human form. Edgar Degas certainly felt that way, dedicating decades of his life to studying, drawing, and painting ballet dancers in Paris. So why not invite artists, both amateur and professional, to have the same experience at the Portland Museum of Art that Degas had in the 19th century? To celebrate the opening of Edgar Degas: The Private Impressionist, the Museum hosted dancers from the Maine State Ballet in the Selma Black Great Hall on Thursday, February 23.

Check out Elizabeth Dragoni, Elise Bickford, Veronica Druchniak, and Charlotte Feinberg dancing as kids and their parents, Maine College of Art students, and experienced artists from the community came to the Museum to watch and sketch.

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A highlight of the day was when Maine State Ballet company members Nathaniel Dombek and Janet Davis performed a beautiful lift featured in the video below. The crowd couldn’t help but burst into applause. Janet’s wearing her costume to play both the white swan and the black swan (Odille/Odette) in Maine State’s production of “Swan Lake” at Merrill Auditorium on March 31 & April 1. It was especially fun to see the littlest artists awe-struck by Janet’s black swan costume.

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Less intimidating than the Black Swan, Lucy Denton, and Emma Rose Schwartz posed in the Degas exhibition, dressed and standing like Degas’ famous sculpture, The Little 14-Year-Old Dancer. It was a lot harder than they thought! But they did a great job, standing still as a statue (literally) while artists studied and sketched them.

It was a terrific day at the Museum. Thanks to Maine State Ballet and all the great energy of the artists who came to work at the PMA! For a full album of the event, please visit our Facebook page!

Artist Interventions: Daniel Minter

By Julia Einstein
Coordinator of Youth and Family Programs

Artist Interventions
are a big hit! In February, local artist Clint Fulkerson constructed a live multi-media drawing event. From the third floor gallery, Clint broadcasted his plexiglass drawing to a large screen in the Museum’s Great Hall. Visitors had the opportunity to watch the construction of the drawing in the Great Hall or interact with Clint’s process by wandering up to the third floor and engaging the artist! Watch the time-lapse video and check out images from the event.

This month, Daniel Minter has designed an evening around “The Viewer As A Muse.” It will begin with quickly sketched gesture studies made on the spot and will end in a group of figures inspired by the movement, energy, and excitement in the Museum.  The artist will capture Museum visitors in the act of engaging with art! “I deal with narrative—the art of telling stories thought my art,” said Daniel. “I like working with the figure and I love to draw people moving about. In the Museum, it’ll be about bringing people closer; they’ll see themselves in the Museum space.”

Mark your calendars for upcoming Artist Interventions:
April 27–Shoshannah White
May 11–Karen Gelardi