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Holiday Elf Needs Help: Last-Minute Shopping at the PMA Store

By Caitlin Brooke
Coordinator of Brand Strategy

I haven’t done any holiday shopping yet. I haven’t even made a list. My one and only attempt included a not-so-inspirational trip to CVS where I ended up buying peanut butter M&Ms…for myself.

On my way back to work from the unsuccessful trip, I passed through the PMA Store. Bright colors, sparkles, and a crowd of festive shoppers caused me to momentarily retract my hand from the M&M bag and mosey in.

I watched as visitors and PMA staffers picked out fun and unique gifts for the folks on their list. As I perused, I found myself thinking, “Sam would like those Maine beach stone earrings to remind her of home; maybe Dad wouldn’t forget that reusable shopping bag since it’s neon pink.”

For anyone else out there who is a tad behind on gift purchasing, I asked some PMA staffers to share what they were giving their nearest and dearest this year from the PMA Store.

“My favorite stocking gifts to buy in the PMA Store are the charming felted ornaments/finger puppets created by Mia Kanazawa. Last year for Christmas, I bought a whole menagerie of the adorable felted animal ornaments—brown puppy dogs, pink piglets, blue birds—this year I continued the tradition and snapped up a felted seagull for my parents. Handmade, each one unique, and made in Maine, these ornaments are well loved by my family and adorn our tree for the holidays.” Margaret Burgess, Susan Donnell and Harry W. Konkel Associate Curator of European Art

“My niece turns one in January, and I am getting her Dahlov Ipcar’s Farmyard Alphabet. I have several nieces and nephews, and the Dahlov Ipcar books in the shop have proven to be can’t-miss birthday and holiday gifts. I feel like I’m giving them an early taste of Maine and fine art all at once!” Will Cary, Director of Leadership Gifts & Planned Giving

“I am buying the book Unknown Terrain: The Landscapes of Andrew Wyeth for my mom. She paints and is a fan of his watercolors—she also dropped a not-so-subtle hint about wanting this book for Christmas. I’m also buying the hilarious Winslow Homer mustache coasters for one of my close friends. We took many art history classes together in college and I know she will get a kick out of them.” Emily Friedman, Curatorial Assistant

“I bought two books for my six-month-old daughter, Elsa, for Christmas: The Calico Jungle and Farmyard Alphabet by Dahlov Ipcar. Theyre gorgeously illustrated and wonderfully educational—the best combination. Plus, theyre unique and interesting enough so that I wont get bored when I read them to her every night!” Erin Damon, Assistant Registrar

“The PMA Store is the perfect place for holiday gift shopping! My fiancé and I attended the Photography Fund Lecture this year, and he fell in love with Abelardo Morrell’s work, so I plan to get him a book of Morrell’s work from the Store. If your family does a Yankee Swap, I suggest the PMA Store for a unique, one-of-a-kind gift that will wow everyone. Our family had one on Thanksgiving and my contribution, for less than $15, was a set of beautiful note cards with Winslow Homer etchings—they were traded four times and fought over even after the swap had ended!”—Christi Razzi, Director of Foundation & Corporate Relations

*Free shipping at the PMA Store through December 30! Order by December 19 to receive by December 25.

December First Friday at the PMA: Artist Intervention & Copper Beech Tree Lighting

By Julia Einstein
ssistant Director of Family and Studio Learning

The PMA is humming with excitement for December’s First Friday Artwalk, the annual Copper Beech Tree Lighting, and special Artist Intervention–all on Friday, December 7 from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m.! Designed by local artist Kimberly Convery, the Artist Intervention is titled Nightlight. The museum will be illuminated from the inside out by artists creating, musicians playing, and visitors exploring. The line-up of activities for the evening reads like a festive tune: “60 boxes blinking, 15 artists creating, eight musicians strumming, two drawings making, sound patterns leaping, and one Copper Beech tree!”

I sat down and talked with Kimberly Convery about her experience as a member of the PMA’s Artist Team, who spent 2012 creating Artists Interventions and getting to know the museum through the pages of their sketchbooks.

Let’s talk about the group of “interventionists” that have organized the Artist Intervention program throughout the year.
I’ve been super lucky to be part of this group—part of the variety, the different interpretations of the Artist Interventions program, and the way each artist has created a way to intervene with the patron’s experiences in the galleries.

And the coolest thing about your experience?
Is to be a working artist and have the museum feels like it is mine—it is a huge resource that I love!

What do you love most at the PMA?
The amazing permanent collection. The portrait of Walter Griffin, the Welliver painting…

For Friday night’s event, you’ve put together a group of artists who will be working with an assortment of medium, in various galleries throughout the PMA.
My friends and I are taking over for the night! Visitors will be coming into the great and natural energy of artists. It’s invigorating! I think it gives the museum the piece that most people don’t see when they look at the art on the walls—what happens in the middle of the creation process.

What does happen?
Working artists making things. Visitors will come upon this in many galleries throughout the PMA. I intend for this night to have an overwhelming feel to it. My artist friends have shared their ideas, which range from making a painting from the inside out and beautifully simple light boxes to televisions activated by sounds. Also, the sound of music will fill the galleries (Pat Corrigan and members of Plains) as you walk around.

What is up next for you?
I’m exhibiting new drawings at Local 188 and I’m also taking part in Jeff Badger’s Tetra Project.

Here’s a list of participating artists who will be at the PMA on December 7, from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m.
Kimberly Convery
Marques Bostic
Jeff Badger & Harold Philbrook
Galen Richmond
Clint Fulkerson
John Knight
Lucinda Bliss
Dominique Colson
Pilar Nadal
Jim Chut
Adriane Herman
Angela Warren
Shoshannah White

My Wonderful Copper Beech Tree

Posted by Vanessa Nesvig, Coordinator of Community Programs

Well, it’s that time again when we are all bustling about getting ready for the Copper Beech festival this Friday night. It’s a staff collaboration with each department contributing their special skills.

In Education we are all about the orchestration of the event. Julia Einstein leads the corps of singers, bell ringers, and musicians, organizing their schedules and keeping track of it all. Our Maintenance department worked their engineering magic as they created an armature that hangs from the ceiling that creates the shape of a tree. This is where the community art making project will hang. PR is busy spreading the word, Security is gearing up, and people from all departments help the night of the event, especially eating the pizza that is provided for all!

Our theme this year is based around the reissue of Dahlov Ipcar’s book My Wonderful Christmas Tree. Woodland animals from the book will inspire the cut out shapes that will adorn the “tree.” Julia and I have had fun photocopying the animals from the book, cutting out templates for people to use, and buying the beautiful handmade papers.

But it really is all about our gorgeous Copper Beech tree in front of the McLellan House. Rumor has it it was planted in 1911, now almost a century old, it is the sentinel of High Street, a magnificent example of that stately species. So once again, at 7 p.m. on the nose, with singers and crowds, the tree will be lit to begin another holiday season at the PMA!